Arochukwu musician arrested over putting on clothe written ''Aro bu Okeigbo''

Okoli Uche an indigen of amangwu village in Arochukwu popularly known as sunshine and one of the Arochukwu indigenous musician was on early january arrested by the anambra state police force over accuse of belonging to a cult group known as Aro Bager.
The police accused the well known Arochukwu young musician of belonging to the above mentioned cult group hence he is putting on clothe written, ''Aro bu Okeigbo''.
The police taught he was among the cult group because of the popular slogan being used by the group known as, Aro mate, but being ignorant that Aro is not only a slogan for the cult group but also a short form of pronouncing Arochukwu.

The young talented singer was detained, tried and disclosed not guilty of the accusation after he might have brought some documents that proved him innocent.
While explaining to the police, Sunshine told them that he is not a cultist but ''Aro bu Okeigbo'' is just a song he did for his people, Arochukwu out of his love for the kingdom.
He further more, called on the sons and daughters of Arochukwu Kingdom to always make use of the slogan ''Aro'' in as much as it will go a long way telling Nigerians that it is not just a cultist slogan but also a short form for Arochukwu.

You can download the music below.

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