Mazi vincent okoro and other kings did not merit Aro kingship- Ikuku Okigbo Kanu

A boy identified as ''Ikuku Okigbo Kanu has taken it to his facebook handle, describing the Eze Aro (Mazi Vincent Okoro) and some other Eze's in the kingdom as kings that never merited to be there.
According to him, he described them as throne snatchers, urging them to return the throne to the rightful owners because the god's are angry with them.
Moreover, we've been following him up on his social media handles, and he previously posted that the death of youths and some other crisis happening in Aro are coursed by the throne snatchers.

See His post below,
This man mazi Vincent okoro and others kings like mazi kanu nwa kanu eze ibom isii snatched the thrones from the rightful owners.. Tell them that the gods of arochukwu kingdom never sleep nor slumber.
They should return the thrones to the rightful hands when it's still early..
I am Ikuku Okigbo Kanu ..


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