Coronavirus: Nzuko Aro Donates 1million for Covid 19

Following the enlightenment campaign that we earlier reported of, which was carried out by Nzuko Aro on the Coronavirus pandemic, it became apparent that more steps be taken to protect our people in Arochukwu. The absence of reliable medical facilities make it imperative that we rave up preventive measures.
We must commend all groups and individuals, including the Arochukwu local government, who have joined in the campaign to enlighten the people, but we need to do more.
In view of the seriousness of the situation, Nzuko Aro hereby sets up a COVID 19 FUND with seed money of one million Naira from the Arochukwu Development Fund.
Nzuko Aro appreciates that this may hardly scratch the problem and hereby appeals to our people to generously donate to support this humanitarian project.
All contributions should be paid into:
First Bank
Account No: 203 374 6344
Account Name: Nzuko Arochukwu Development Fund
Nzuko Aro Health Committee led by Dr Udo Nnorom and other doctors will spearhead our subsequent campaign tours and coordinate our intervention.
The fight against this pandemic is being championed world wide by governments. We therefore urge the Arochukwu local government to be more proactive in the struggle to secure our people from the pandemic while we do our bit as Aro people to help.
Together, we shall overcome.
Ndewo nu!
Mazi George Ezuma, President General
Mazi Anicho S. Okoro, Secretary General


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