RE: Agreed Army Check points in Arochukwu

RE: Agreed Check points area in Arochukwu

The President nzuko Aro (Home Branch) was on 22nd March welcomed the new army commander incharge of Arochukwu and to take him round to show him the agreed army check points in Arochukwu being built by NZUKO ARO NATIONAL.

 According to our correspondent, (Okeigbo Blog) the movement was  led by the home branch president;  Jerry Onwumere and the newly appointed Aro youth president Nnanna Ukpabi. Army commader and an author nwa maazi Chioma G Ekeagba.

This recent development will help to provide adequate security to monitor those trooping into Aro and also regulate their movement in the kingdom.
The agreed check points area include;

1. Amuvi (Umuahia Road)
2. Amuvi (Aba Road)
3. Ugwuakuma and
4. Amannagwu (Iyieke River)

The above listed places are the villages that the army check point is situated, which are the four major entrance to Aro kingdom.
They will commence in no distance time.

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