RE: Coronavirus in Arochukwu

Thumb up to Nzuko Aro, both home and abroad and Dr. Mike ukoha as they see it necessary to enlighten nde Aro at home on the needs to stay at home to help eradicate this deadly disease called ''coronavirus''.
President Nzuko Aro home branch, in the person of Mr. Jerry Onwumere, The chief whip representing Arochukwu state constituency, Maazi Mike Ukoha and Comr. Lovina Okoro toured round the nineteen villages that made up Arochukwu to enlighten them on the need to stay at home while the Nation seek for  precaution to eradicate the trending Coronavirus in our country presently.
According to some news agencies, alot of coronavirus issues has been detected in some parts of the country.
This deadly virus kills, without asking for permission to do so.
That is the reason why Nzuko Aro world wide and the member representing Arochukwu state contituency found it worthy to enlighten nde Aro at home, so as to enable them not to contact this virus but to refrain from anything that will make one be a carrier of this virus.
Moreover, the state health service have listed some rules and regulation that will help to self guard the entire Abians from contacting this virus and some immediate effect they should take if they see any one showing some signs of coronavirus.
These rules include👇👇👇

1. All public and private primary and secondary schools in the state are to ensure they conclude their examinations on or before Friday, 27th March, 2020.

In the interim, the state ministry of education in conjunction with that of health should make sure the distribution of hand washing materials and sanitizers to schools is expedited and concluded. Private schools are expected to provide similar items in their schools or risk immediate closure.

2. All market associations in the state are to ensure that members provide running water and sanitizers for customers and traders in their shops within 48 hours or risk immediate closure.

Operators of abattoirs in the state are also to comply with this directive or risk immediate closure.

3. All residents of the state are strongly advised to practice social distancing by sitting/standing a minimum of 1.5m apart while discussing with each other, maintain good hygiene practices and general environmental awareness.

4. No burial, wedding and other ceremonies, for the next 4 weeks, should involve more than 30 persons who must ensure that they sit/stand at least 1.5m apart from each other. Security agents have been briefed to ensure full enforcement.

5. Religious worship centers are to ensure that for the next 4 weeks not more than 50 persons attend any of their worship streams and programs with a minimum sitting or standing distance of 1.5m apart from each other.

6. Henceforth, all tricycles (Keke) operators in the state should carry only a maximum of 2 passengers per time and they must sit at the back with only the rider in front.

7. Mini buses popularly called “Oke Bekee” are ro carry only 5 passengers per time while 14-seater buses are to carry only a maximum of 5 passengers per time with none in front except the driver.

8. All inter-state bus parks or terminals must procure and deploy digital thermometers for screening of inbound and outbound passengers as well as provide hand sanitizers and hand washing materials for use by all staff and passengers or risk immediate closure.

9. Abians and other residents are strongly advised to shelve non essential travels and movements till further notice.

10. All hotels and hospitality establishments in the state must screen guests/staff and provide hand sanitizers before they are lodged or allowed access. Suspicious guests are to be reported immediately with full personal details and contact information.

11. All night club activities are hereby banned in the state till further notice.

12. Local Government Chairmen are to immediately hire town criers to continuously educate our people on how to prevent and protect themselves from Coronavirus. Failure to launch this Grassroots information service within 48 hours will attract sanctions. Town unions are also to be engaged to further sensitize our people on the need to maintain good hygiene and protect themselves from Coronavirus.

13. All Abians, visitors and residents are advised to call the Abia Tele-Health Center via 0700 ABIA DOC or 0700 2242 362 for enquiries on Coronavirus and reporting of health concerns.

14. Those who suspect that they have symptoms of Coronavirus are strongly advised to call the Abia Tele-Health number 07002242362 for dispatch of ambulances or mobile clinics to pick them up. We strongly advise against suspected patients showing up at medical facilities in the state without going through the call and pick up services to avoid inadvertently infecting the others in our medical facilities. All 8 state owned ambulances, 4 mobile clinics and private ambulances, have been positioned across the 3 geopolitical zones of the state for rapid response. The staff have also been properly trained with personal protection materials provided.

15. The state’s free home care for elderly persons program will be immediately expanded to ensure that they visit senior citizens at home and provide necessary care to them.

16. The ongoing pensioners verification exercise must be concluded and shut down on Friday, March 27, 2020. In the interim, sanitizers and hand washing facilities must continue to be provided at all locations.

17. All MDAs, parastatals and LGA offices in the state are to operate at a maximum of 20% staff strength, from Monday, March 30th, 2020, as determined by the head until further notice. All other workers are to stay at home from where they will continue to receive due wages.

18. The state ministry of transport is hereby directed to set up appropriate surveillance system to monitor railway stations and inter-state bus terminals in the state.

Furthermore, an enforcement committee that will ensure full compliance has been set up with the following coordinators:

Dr Solomon Ogunji (Chairman)
Sir Onyi Wamah
Chief Sopuruchi Beke
Dr KCK Nwangwa
Barr. Ekele Nwaohamuo
Dr Jonathan Osuji
Dr Felix Chinwendu Joe
DCP Alfa Jibrin
Meshach Jatau
Dr Uba Nwugha
Mr Bright Ikeokwu
Chief Ezinwa Abiri
Hon. Kingsley Nnaji
Hon Obinna Friday

We wish to emphasize that there are no recorded cases of Coronavirus in Abia as at today and we continue to hope and pray that God will keep the state free of the virus while working hard to put necessary measures in place to protect all and sundry. Citizens, residents and visitors are strongly advised to take individual measures to protect themselves and loved ones as well as strictly follow guidance from this committee and medical professionals.

We will continue to review all measures on a day to day basis and give the people regular briefings.

God bless Abia State of Nigeria.

Thank you.

Barr. Chris Ezem
Secretary to State Government

Dr Joe Osuji
Honorable Commissioner for Health

At this juncture we thank Nzuko Aro world wide, Maazi Mike Ukoha, Comr. Lovina Okoro and the president Nzuko Aro home branch (jerry onwumere) for takin out their time to enlighten nde Aro on the need to abstain from anything that will make one be a carrier of this virus.
During their movement, these are some of the precaution one should take to avoid Coronavirus;

1. Avoid Hand Shaking
2. Avoid going to events or social gathering where the number of people that is there exceeds 30 in number.
3. Always wash your hand constantly.
4. Put on nose mask, hand glove and any other relevant material to cover your body.
5. Avoid Kissing😉
6. While changing money with someone, put on glove.
7. Churches and schools should take a break.
8. Marriages, burials and weddings should be postponed till further notice.
9. Dont hug your relative while he/she returns from the city😂.
10. Eat fruits and vitamins.
11. Avoid cold drinks, always wash your dirty clothes💯.

Some of the highlights of the event include👇👇👇.

1. Visitation to the three major eze's in Arochukwu; Eze Aro palace, Eze Ibom and Eze eze agwu of amannagwu.

2. Dr. Mike ukoha gave a group of pupils #5000 to use and buy some school materials.
3. Interview in some villages.

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