Arochukwu cannot contact Coronavirus

Following the enlightenment campaign of Nzuko Aro and Dr. Mike Ukoha about the recent outburst of Coronavirus.
A man identified as Mr. Nwosu of Amukwa village was on Monday 31st March Disclose to Aro Okeigbo Blog that Arochukwu cannot contact coronavirus, reason being that they are village named after God's name.

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He disclosed to us that Ndi Aro are naturally loved by God, that is the reason why all the viruses that has been existing has never come in contact with nwa Aro.
During his speech he said, '' I can still remember during the time of lassa fever, ebola and many other sicknesses that dominated the country during it reign, we never recorded or heard that any nwa Aro was a victim of the sickness, so i dont think that Coronavirus will be different from the other sicknesses that we have been experiencing. The truth is that Arochukwu is a name after God's name and they are naturally loved by God, i urge Government to pay workers salary and do the needful in the state and forget about Coronavirus because we are safe''.

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