COVID - 19: Chidi Rapheal Nwosu shares food to Amasu People

Amasu people has once again received assisted Aid from their grand son, who is popularly known as ''Virus''.

The said grandson gave these food stuffs in a bid to ensure that his people sits at home, which is one of the preventive measure of coronavirus.
According to our correspondent, During a brief interview; The president Amasu Progressive Union A.P.U Home Branch ( Maazi. Paul  Ogbonnaya) described him as someone who loves helping people, who has been helping Amasu people even before this trying time.
He said,
''Chidi Rapheal Nwosu is an indigen of Obinkita village, though his mother is from our village here in Amasu, but even at that, he always extend his helping hand to amasu people. Chidi is someone that loves helping people that are in need.
He always remember Amasu people, sometimes during christmass period.
Now he has done it again by giving us some food stuffs, which will help us not to contact Hovid 19. You know, when we forget Hovid 19 and concentrate on Covid 19, it kills faster than Covid.''

Amasu people prayed and blessed him, for more open doors and prosperity,

We pray that where ever chidi brought this money that he used in buying these things for us, will never run dry, In Jesus Name.


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