Shame to our so called south east Governor's

These are various behavior that our so called south east Governor's are doing to ruin our land
Somto okonkwo Wrote:

1. Anambra Is In Ruins With Drunken Master And Isi Shampoo In Charge.

2. Imo State In Tears And Pensioners Begging To Be Paid With The Supreme Court Governor And Isi Opioro Mango In Charge. ..

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3. Aunty Ifeanyi Bụrụ Afọ Ka Ite Ofe Nsala Na Enugu State...

4. Abia State Na-eshi Ozu Ozu With Ikpeazu And His Akwa Ogazi Head In Charge...

5. As For Ebonyi State, I Will Reserve My Comment....

Federal Government Marginalisation Of The South Eastern States In Nigeria Is No Secret But The South Eastern Governors Get Billions Of Dollars In Allocation, Yet Nothing To Show For It. No Good Roads, No Standard Well Equipped Hospitals, No Industries To Create Employment, No Infrastructural Development, Nothing To Help Better The Lives Of Their Own People. Shame On The South East Governors!
---Somto Okonkwo

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