Tears in Aro as Fokoyo dies of Accident

The death of Emenike Sunday popularly known with Fokoyo has shock the entire Arochukwu kingdom.
Fokoyo who was reported dead on the last day of July 2020 kept the entire Arochukwu in great tears and agony.

Emenike Sunday (Fokoyo) is a popular cyclist driver, he is known for his social and jovial character.
He like helping people who are in need and as well using his bike to provide free transportation to those that he don't even know.
The incident of his death was along ikotoekpene road, akwa ibom state (Neighboring State to Abia), in his way to bring back some food stuffs for his sister along the way he had an accident with his fellow cyclist driver, who is said to be a citizen of Akwa ibom.
At the time of the accident, the Akwa ibom people that were around took their brother to hospital leaving the gentle Fokoyo there.
Fokoyo gave up to the ghost after some minutes later with his sever internal bleeding and at the cost of the incident he lost his two legs.


Fokoyo RIP, Arochukwu people loves you ❤️

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