BREAKING! Nnamdi Kanu Orders Cease Fire as Soldiers Reportedly Withdraw From Orlu


“We have, this evening, received verified confirmation that #Zoo soldiers, those untrained cowards that only specialise in burning properties, have now left Orlu back to where they came from.

The assurances we received earlier that this would happpen has been fulfilled.” “I therefore ask our brave and gallant men and every aggrieved person or persons, to refrain from any offensive action for the time being as we monitor the situation in the coming hours and days.

Our priority remains the task of ridding our land of foreign terrorists from the Sahel and protecting our mothers as they farm. “

“Men will return to the bushes tonight to continue the noble undertaking of keeping our mothers safe from dangerous terrorists as they farm.

We move! ✊ – Nnamdi Kanu (27.01.2021)

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