DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Delight CEO - Crazy World


Nigerian fast rising act, singer and entertainer who is popularly known as Delight CEO has unleashed another melodious track which he titled, Crazy World.

The fast rising star who has been delivering back to back tracks to his fans to keep their playlists updated and keep putting smiles on their faces with his melodious tunes has returned to the musical scene with this lovely and inspirational track.

Delight CEO used this piece of song to note some things that are happening in the word today and the possible means to overcome them.

This is a must listen for every lover of good music.




Verse.... The world is Ecclesiastes, Life we live mathematics, poor man looking for justice, preachers no longer practice what they preach, so many rules here, the story no clear to so many things, some history's are mysterious,  and we still dey try to dey meet you, our bank account never full oh, is a crazy world indeed, I can't even understand this. Chros.Ooooh oh oh ooooh oh oh crazy world we living,, yea eeeh oooh oh oh crazy world we living  ehh ,  verse2... don't understand the world we living in, be like dark matter, I cannot. So interesting living here, who made me must be smarter than I ,here I am, so annoy why somethings cannot change, so many things are untold, is a crazy world I see, so I found my self like a crazy world I see,so I found my self like this. Oooh oh oh ooooh oh oh yeah eeh eeh, i cannot tell it all, this life no balance,, (talk) we talking about life you know, the world is so confusing, I don't even know what am doing here, who brought me to this world,  the world is crazy, we are living in a crazy world. dmp mix, is ur boy delight ceo.

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