A woman went mad after divorcing with the husband


In a contentious TikTok video, a divorcee from North Carolina set fire to her wedding dress and the internet, drawing a lot of criticism for the move.

mother of two With "concerns" for the safety of her family, Lauren Brooke requested that The Post only publish her middle name rather than her last name in a video that went viral on March 26.

"I've been called a narcissist and attention-seeking, and people are saying I was the problem," Brooke claimed. "The photo shoot was celebrating my survival, not the divorce itself," the subject said.

When Brooke, 31, and her future husband attended the same Baptist church as children, Brooke fell in love.

In October 2012, the young couple became husband and wife.
However, the marriage fell apart, in part due to the obligations of her nameless husband's Army National Guard position.

It can be challenging being a military wife...The stress from his job causes the marriage to suffer, she complained.

Before getting a divorce in North Carolina, a couple must be lawfully separated for one year and one day. Brooke filed separation papers in September 2021 after nine hard years of marriage, but she still hoped to make things work.

The divorce was finally finalized in January after "an emotional rollercoaster" of a year.

Brooke made the decision to start again by destroying the vestiges of her broken marriage.

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