Democracy Day: Youth Advocate salutes Abians; Calls on current administration to put Abians first.


A youth leader from Arochukwu kingdom  Mr Okoro Victor Bethel  (ONWA) has saluted the resilience and tenacity of Ndi Abia for not losing faith in the democratic process despite years of disappointing leadership. Mr Okoro made this felicitation as part of his democracy day message to Ndi Abia. He also used the medium to congratulate the newly inaugurated administration of Dr. Alex Otti and Labour party in the state calling on them to remember that their victory was a prayer answered to the cry and yearnings of Ndi Abia and therefore must put Ndi Abia first in its policies and programmes. 

Below is the full text of the message: 

"Let me use this auspicious occasion on the  celebration of 24 years of successive  democratic rule in Nigeria nay Abia , to salute the the resilience and tenacity of all Abians for keeping  fate with the democratic process in Nigeria. After 24 years of unbroken democratic rule as Abians we are yet to see any dividends in our state. Our state has been one of the few unfortunate states in Nigeria not to have had purposeful and visionary leadership putting the people  first. Despite the miry years of disappointments from different  election circles, Ndi Abia stood firm believing in the democratic political  process , you kept on turning out in your numbers to vote even when your votes were stolen. Your unrelenting efforts was based on your faith that one day God will hear your prayers. 

Indeed God Almighty did hear the prayers of Ndi Abia in this last election by giving Dr Alex Otti and delivering Abia from 24 years of bondage. 

Let me also use this medium to congratulate our governor and all who have been elected in this last election , your victory is as a result of the people's unrelenting believe that through democracy, the leadership that will change the fortunes Abia will emerge. Do not let the people down! Put Ndi-Abia first in all your policies and programmes, do not make the mistake of previous administrations in the state where the saw the state treasury as their personal treasury. I employ the current administration and all elected not to take the people for granted but rather work ahead to deliver on the dividends of democracy which has eluded the good people Abia state for so long. 

Abia ga di ukwu !"


Okoro Victor Bethel  (ONWA) .

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