''I was not married to my ex-husband when I met Yul Edochie - Judy Austin

Actress Judy Austin has dismissed claims that she met and began an affair with actor, Yul Edochie, while she was still married to her ex-husband, Obasi.

In a Facebook live she had this night, July 18, Judy said her previous marriage ended in March 2013 and that she met Yul Edochie years later.

In her defence, Judy said if indeed she began an affair with Yul while she was still married, let all the curses heaped on her, happen a billion times, but if not, let all the curses fall on those accusing her.

There have been rumours that Judy was still married to her ex, Mr Obasi, while she was married. Addressing the claim, Judy said;

‘’That is the fattest lie ever told about me on social media and I am going to elaborate more. My previous marriage ended in March 2013 and I saw Yul Edochie for the very first time years after my marriage ended. I repeat, my previous marriage ended in March 2013 and I set my eyes on Yul Edochie for the first time years after that marriage ended.

I saw him years after my marriage was completely dissolved. So anyone saying otherwise, they are planning lying.

If I saw Yul while in that marriage, let all the curses and insults that people have been heaping on me, let it happen to me a billion over but if for any reason I did not see Yul with my eyes years after my marriage was dissolved, then let all the curses go back to the people laying the curses a billion times over''

She also said she will be exposing her married colleagues who engage in adultery. She said in the last six months, she has gathered evidence against those that have been attacking her and will be exposing them.

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