There Will Be Problem In Nigeria If Court Nullifies The Feb. 25th Election - Tinubu Fumes


There will be an@rchy in Nigeria if you nullify my election — Pres Tinubu tells tribunal.

President Bola Tinubu has warned that nullifying the February 25 election that produced him as president could result in abs¥rdity, ch@os & an@rchy.

Tinubu said his failure to secure 25% of the lawful votes in the FCT is not sufficient reason to overturn his victory.

The president presented his arguments in a final written address to the Presidential Election Petition Court responding to two petitions filed by candidates from the Labour Party & the PDP, challenging the validity of his victory.

“Any other interpretation different from this will lead to abs¥rdity, chaos, an@rchy & alteration of the very intention of the legislature,” Tinubu’s lawyers said.

The lawyers were specifically addressing a section of the Nigerian Constitution that said a presidential candidate must score 25% of votes in two-thirds of Nigeria’s 36 states and the FCT, Abuja.

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