“God sent omo” – Portable Declares Love for Nigerian Police Months after Arrest (Video)


In a surprising turn of events, Portable, the singer behind 'Zazoo Zeh', took to his Instagram on Friday night to share a video featuring police officers visiting his bar in Sango. In an unexpected show of camaraderie, the singer expressed his affection for them.

Referring to himself as a Federal Government liability, Portable declared his newfound admiration for the Nigerian police force, calling them friends and brothers to the citizens. He passionately called on his fans and followers to extend love and respect to the police, emphasizing the need to stop causing them unnecessary problems.

As he put it, "Federal Government Liability. God-sent Omo Ijoba IKA OF AFRICA. A troublemaking musician, the new-born Fela. Police is our friend. Police is our brother, so let's shower them with love instead of only presenting challenges. Respect them, for the police are our protectors. God bless Naija Police," he captioned the video.

This marks an intriguing shift in Portable's perspective, especially considering that he was arrested by The Ogun State police command a few months back. His arrest came after he refused to respond to a police invitation, a situation sparked by videos surfacing online showing the artist angrily confronting and berating some members of the Nigeria police.

After the incident, the controversial singer was given a 72-hour ultimatum by the Ogun State police command to report to the nearest police station. This latest interaction with the police seems to signal a change in Portable's stance towards law enforcement.

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