Biography of Boy Tumsxn

Biography of Boy Tumsxn

 Boy Tumsxn is a professional Nigerian singer, songwriter, and Rapper born on March 4th, 1999, in Opuama, Delta State, Nigeria. He came to the limelight in 2020 after he decided to take the bold step, pick up the mic, and venture into the music industry upon discovery that he was less appreciated and valued for the song he helped create for others.

Thompson Ogirenebijigha Adanse, known by his stage name as Boy Tumsxn, is 24 years old and was born in the South-South part of Nigeria, precisely in the town of Opuama, Delta State on March 4th, 1999. He is a native of Ijaw, an ethnic group that's considered by a good number of majority of scholars to be a subgroup of the Ijaw people of South South Nigeria. Boy Tumsxn spent part of his childhood in Opuama, a town in Egbema, Delta State.

Boy Tumsxn emerged from a family that's well rooted in music.

Before music, the singer spent most of his childhood and teenage years at Opuama. Being brought up in such an environment suggests he had at least didn't grow up in a poor environment. His upbringing in a way exposed him to see the world of music and helped shape him for the fame he enjoys today. He didn't really live much of his life far from music even as a teen because he started exhibiting interest in music as a writer and singer at an early stage in life.

Boy Tumsxn attended Oloduwa Secondary School, Opuama, and then proceeded to Delta State Polytechnic, Delta State. He first started off as a songwriter and Singer but decided to go fully into signing. Spending all his childhood life in Opuama of Delta State had an impact on his success as a singer.

But to further enhance his growth and exposure, Boy Tumsxn relocated to Lagos in 2023 after releasing "E GO BE" and "DESTINY" which earned him a deal with a new record label.

As stated before, Boy Tumsxn is believed to have attended all his education; primary, secondary and tertiary in Delta State. He went on to attend Delta State Polytechnic after his secondary education but had to drop out as he was trapped between his academic and music interest. Boy Tumsxn however chose to jettison his academics to pursue his dream of becoming a professional musician due to not having enough time to combine school and his music engagements and aspirations.

This is contrary to the thought of some people that he studied music in school. Also, he always nursed the willingness to be a public speaker, a feeling brought about by his passion to speak and convey messages to people. He revealed this in an interview with "Akuz Podcast".

Boy Tumsxn's decision to pursue music has proven to be the best for him so far as he's seen living his dream. Being among the young and popular singers that broke out during the Covid19 pandemic year of 2020 is a feat that has greatly contributed to his prominence in the industry.

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