DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Obele Eze Big - Kamzukwanuike


"Kamzukwanuike" by Obele Eze Big is a captivating musical narrative that delves deep into the world of young girls and boys caught in the struggle of living dual lives. The song masterfully explores the stark contrast between their flashy exterior, with big phones and extravagant lifestyles, and the harsh reality their parents face in the village, struggling to make ends meet.

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Through poignant lyrics and emotive melodies, Obele Eze Big shines a spotlight on the facade many youths adopt in an era of social media and societal pressures. The music conveys a powerful message about the consequences of prioritizing materialism over authentic values and the profound disconnect between generations.

"Kamzukwanuike" invites listeners to reflect on the societal pressures faced by today's youth and the importance of staying true to oneself, all set against a backdrop of compelling rhythms and harmonies that make it impossible not to groove along. It's a thought-provoking anthem that challenges us to reevaluate our choices and consider the real cost of living a 'fake' life.

The Music was Produced by Big Deal.



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