Afrique Styles & Concepts Affiliated with IPSPJ-UN African Chapter: A Milestone in Promoting Youth Empowerment and African Culture


Afrique Styles and Concepts, a prominent brand specializing in Entertainment, Fashion, and Modeling in Abia State, has been formally recognized by the International Parliament for Safety, Peace, and Justice United Nations African Chapter (IPSPJ-UN). On September 15th, 2023, this esteemed organization, under the leadership of His Excellency Cardinal Prof ESAPA SONA JOESPH DOMINION, JP, IHRD, the Lord African International President, officially conferred upon Afrique Styles & Concepts the Certificate of Affiliation. This decision, ratified by the governing council and the board of directors of IPSPJ-UN African Chapter, designates Afrique Styles and Concepts as an Affiliate of IPSPJ-UN African Chapter, with a mission to empower young African youths and offer a platform for them to showcase their talents in fashion and modeling while preserving our rich African cultural heritage.

The momentous occasion included a formal flag exchange ceremony, symbolizing the affiliation between IPSPJ-UN and Afrique Styles & Concepts, led by Cardinal Joseph Dominion, the International African President, and Amb. Ms. Afrique Jessey Umah-Kalu, CEO of Afrique Styles & Concepts.

This inaugural event marks the establishment of IPSPJ-UN's presence in Abia State, signifying a commitment to promoting youth empowerment, peace, safety, justice, and unity among the state's citizens.

The IPSPJ, UN Africa Chapter, is an international organization dedicated to advancing peace, safety, and justice across Africa. It holds membership within the United Nations and maintains offices in over 23 African countries and 50 worldwide.

Afrique Styles & Concepts' induction into IPSPJ, UN Africa Chapter acknowledges its remarkable efforts in championing youth empowerment, cultural heritage preservation, unity, peace, safety, and justice throughout Africa. It underscores the brand's steadfast dedication to making a positive impact on society.

The induction ceremony was graced by several distinguished individuals, including Cardinal Prof ESAPA SONA JOESPH DOMINION JP IHRD (The Lord African International President), Amb. Prince (Nigerian National PRO IPSPJ-UN), Amb. Afrique Jessey Umah-Kalu (CEO Afrique Styles & Concepts), Mr. Emmanuel Okenini (CEO of De Latinos Event Center Umuahia), Mr. Toby Emmanuel (CEO of HireMeAfrica), Mr. Kessey Idika (CEO of Demasta NollyTV and Creative Director of Afrique Styles & Concepts), and Mr. Peterson Agu (Abia Creative Director).

Furthermore, beyond its induction into IPSPJ, Afrique Styles and Concepts is poised to host the 2023 edition of the *FACE OF AFRIQUE STYLES pageant & Africa Personality Awards (APA)* in collaboration with the IPSPJ-UN African Chapter. This prestigious event will celebrate the beauty and diversity of African women, African Cultural Heritage, and African Brands.

The Africa Personality Awards (APA) will honor outstanding personalities and brands that have made significant positive contributions to the African community.

Afrique Styles & Concepts is also embarking on various community projects through its charity organization called ROWA, beginning with initiatives in the 17 local government areas of Abia State, with plans for expansion across Nigeria and Africa.

In addition to the pageant and awards, deserving citizens and residents of Abia State, Nigeria, will be recognized and decorated with the International Parliament Ambassadorship Awards, Diplomatic status, diplomatic car plate numbers, and induction as new members of the IPSPJ-UN African Chapter.

We extend an invitation to the government, brands, individuals, and all concerned parties to support Afrique Styles and Concepts in their endeavors to improve Abia State, Nigeria, and the entire African continent.

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