Artist Profile: Samuel Royal Destiny "Royal-D-the-Rapper"


Samuel Royal Destiny, popularly known as Royal-D-the-Rapper, is a multifaceted talent in the music industry. Born on October 21, 2002, in Isiala Ngwa North L.G.A, Abia State, Nigeria, he later found his creative roots in the vibrant city of Port Harcourt. Royal-D's musical journey has been nothing short of remarkable, and he has rapidly gained recognition and popularity, thanks to his incredible skills and passion for music.

Artistic Versatility:

Royal-D-the-Rapper is a rapper, singer, and a charismatic performing artist. His ability to seamlessly blend these talents sets him apart in the music industry. He has demonstrated his versatility through an array of musical styles and genres, captivating audiences both locally and internationally.

*Breakthrough Hit - #Sapa:*

The artist soared to prominence with the release of his chart-topping hit song, "#Sapa." This track not only showcased Royal-D's lyrical prowess but also captured the hearts of fans with its infectious rhythm and catchy lyrics. "#Sapa" quickly became a sensation and solidified his place in the music scene.

Independent Artistry:

Remarkably, Royal-D-the-Rapper is currently an independent artist, not tied to any record label. His ability to make waves in the industry without the backing of a major label is a testament to his talent and determination. His artistry remains untethered, allowing him to create music that is true to his vision.

International Collaborations:

Royal-D has extended his musical reach beyond borders. He has collaborated with artists from various countries, including South Africa, Kenya, and more. These international collaborations have enriched his music with diverse influences and global appeal.

Notable Tracks:

Royal-D-the-Rapper's discography is a testament to his dedication to the craft. Some of his notable tracks include:

1. "Sapa"

2. "Genevieve"

3. "Root of All Evil"

4. "Greenlight"

5. "My Lady"

6. "Enough"

7. "Testimony"

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, Samuel Royal Destiny, known as Royal-D-the-Rapper, stands as a rising star. His blend of rap, singing, and stage presence make him a captivating artist to watch. As he continues to drop mind-blowing singles and explore new horizons, Royal-D's journey promises to be an exciting one, filled with music that resonates with audiences worldwide. Keep an eye out for this remarkable talent as he continues to make his mark in the world of music.

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