Saucekido Biography, Age, Net Worth And Musical Career

 Saucekido Picture

Full Name:
Julius Dogara

State: Kaduna State

Tribe: Jaba/Ham

Date of Birth: December 7, 2002

Stage Name: Saucekido

Current Base: Abuja

Social Media:

Facebook: Saucekido ASG

Twitter: Saucekido3

Instagram: Saucekido_asg

TikTok: Saucekidoo


Julius Dogara, professionally known as Saucekido, is an emerging artist hailing from Kaduna State, Nigeria. Born on December 7, 2002, he brings a unique blend of talent and creativity to the music scene.

Musical Style:

Saucekido's music is a fusion of various genres, reflecting his versatility and innovative approach to music. He creates captivating melodies and thought-provoking lyrics that resonate with a diverse audience.

Artistic Vision:

Saucekido aspires to use his music as a medium for self-expression and storytelling. His songs often convey personal experiences, emotions, and messages that connect with listeners on a profound level.

Base in Abuja:

Currently based in the vibrant city of Abuja, Saucekido is actively participating in the local music scene and collaborating with fellow artists to expand his reach and impact.

Social Media Presence:

Connect with Saucekido on his social media platforms to stay updated on his latest releases, performances, and creative endeavors. He values the connection with his fans and actively engages with them on various platforms.

Upcoming Projects:

Saucekido is continuously working on new projects and music that will showcase his evolving talent and artistic growth. Stay tuned for his upcoming releases, as he continues to make waves in the music industry.

Contact Information:

For inquiries, bookings, or collaborations, please reach out to Saucekido through his social media profiles or official website.

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