History And Bio Of Dela Naija

Full Name: Nelson Ofonmbuk Okon

Stage Name: Dela Naja

Dela Naija, a name synonymous with musical excellence. In just two years, he has catapulted himself to a higher level of recognition. He is widely regarded as "the optimum" when it comes to creating captivating music that resonates with audiences.

Favorite Genre:

Dela Naija's heart beats to the rhythm of Dancehall Redeems. His passion for this genre is evident in his music, as he brings a unique flair and energy to the dancehall scene.

Notable Tracks:

While Dela Naija boasts an impressive discography, his current trending track, "THE BAG," featuring Investor Dj and Richdaddy, has been making waves in the music scene. His music can be found on various platforms, including Google.


Place of Origin: Abak Local Government Area (L.G.A), Akwa Ibom State.


 Dela Naija is the child of Grace Ofonmbuk Okon (Mother) and Ofonmbuk Okon Akpan (Father). He has siblings named Nneka Ofonmbuk Okon and Wisdom Ofonmbuk Okon.

Additional Roles:

In addition to his role as a music artist, Dela Naija is a proficient music producer, showcasing his versatility and deep understanding of the music creation process.

Record Label:

Dela Naija operates independently, currently not affiliated with any specific record label. This independence allows him to maintain creative freedom and control over his musical.

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