Papilow Slangz Biography, Age,Networth and musical career

Name: Abasi Ofon Anie Fiok Nelson

Music Label: Unsigned Artist

Stage Name: Papilow Slangz

State of Origin: Akwa Ibom State

Local Government Area (LGA): Ikono LGA

Village: Nkara Obio Ikono

Date of Birth: June 16, 2003

Religion: Christian

Church: Presbyterian Church of Nigeria

Educational Background:

Primary Level: PCN School Ibiaku Ikot Oku.  Secondary Level: Comprehensive secondary School Ikpa Ikot Uneke

   About Papilow Slangz

Abasi Ofon Anie Fiok Nelson, known by his stage name "Papilow Slangz," is a budding talent in the Nigerian music scene. Born on June 16, 2003, in the vibrant state of Akwa Ibom, Papilow Slangz hails from the picturesque village of Nkara Obio Ikono in Ikono LGA.

 A devout Christian, Papilow Slangz finds his spiritual home at the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, where he draws inspiration for his music and creativity.

His educational journey began at PCN School Ibiaku Ikot Oku, where he laid the foundation for his future endeavors. Continuing his pursuit of knowledge, he attended Comprehensive Secondary School Ikpa Ikot Uneke, honing his skills while balancing academics and his passion for music.

As an unsigned artist, Papilow Slangz demonstrates his dedication and determination to make his mark in the music industry. His talent, coupled with his unwavering commitment, positions him as a promising figure on the Nigerian music landscape.

Keep an eye on Papilow Slangz as he continues to evolve as an artist, making waves with his unique sound and lyrical artistry. With a bright future ahead, he's poised to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact in the world music.

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