DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Ben 7 Ft Y10 and Zidex - Kwagh Usoo


"Kwagh Usoo" by Ben 7 featuring Y10 and Zidex is a vibrant musical experience rooted in the heart of African rhythms. The song resonates with a captivating blend of Afro-fusion beats and infectious melodies that instantly transport listeners to a place of celebration and cultural richness. Ben 7's commanding vocals, complemented by the unique styles of Y10 and Zidex, create a synergy that brings life to the track.

The song's title, "Kwagh Usoo," meaning "The Joyful Dance" in the Tiv language, aptly captures the essence of the music. The spirited instrumentation, coupled with the spirited vocal delivery, sparks an irresistible urge to move and groove. It's a musical tapestry that beautifully marries traditional elements with contemporary sounds, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the rhythmic journey.

"Kwagh Usoo" is more than just a song; it's a celebration of cultural heritage and unity, inviting everyone to partake in the joyous dance of life. With its infectious beats and lively energy, the track promises an uplifting and memorable experience for all who embrace its vibrant soundscapes.


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