Another Nigerian woman will embark on a solo ride from Kenya to Nigeria tomorrow


Ebaide, a Nigerian woman who has been living in Kenya since 2021, is embarking on an extraordinary journey. Tomorrow, March 8, 2024, she will set out on a solo bike ride from Mombasa, Kenya, to Lagos, Nigeria.

This adventurous idea stemmed from a life-changing event in Ebaide's life. After undergoing spinal cord surgery at the age of 23 due to an accident that left her legs immobile for eight months, she unexpectedly regained control of her legs. This second chance at life ignited a strong desire in her to live freely and embrace every moment.


Unlike well-traveled routes, Ebaide will not have the luxury of online instructions. Nevertheless, she is determined to navigate her way down the Trans-Africa Highway, one step at a time.

While Ebaide has traveled to many countries as a backpacker, built a van, and spent ten weeks on a tricycle, this journey feels like a personal challenge to her. Despite facing fears of riding a motorcycle solo, language barriers, and the unknown aspects of the journey, she is filled with immense excitement. 


Some may call her crazy or bold, but Ebaide acknowledges her fears while embracing the thrill of the adventure. We wish her the best of luck on her journey!

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