Man Arrested For Killing Monkey In Anambra (Video)


In a dramatic turn of events, a man was recently arrested and publicly paraded by Awka indigenes, the Anambra state capital, for an unusual crime—killing a monkey. This incident, which occurred on Wednesday, March 6, shocked many as monkeys are revered and considered sacred animals in Awka, with a strict prohibition against their killing.


The man, a resident of Awka for 24 years, was captured in a viral video confessing to his act. He admitted setting a trap in the bush to catch other bush meat but accidentally caught a monkey instead. Expressing remorse, he pleaded for mercy, acknowledging his awareness of the cultural prohibition against monkey killing and eating. He begged, "I know I have committed an offense, please do not kill me, but you can take me anywhere you want."

In a show of magnanimity, the indigenes spared his life but warned of necessary appeasement rituals to the god of the land to prevent any potential repercussions. This incident serves as a reminder of the deep-rooted cultural beliefs and practices that shape communities like Awka.



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