My ex-husband won’t Recognise Me Due To How I’ve Repackaged – Blessing CEO


Influential personality, Blessing Okoro, also known as Blessing CEO, has reflected on her past marriage, revealing that her ex-husband would hardly recognize her today. 

Blessing shared that she married at the young age of 18 but opted to leave the marriage by the time she was 21 due to her ex-husband's abusive behavior. 


Acknowledging her transformation since then, the self-proclaimed relationship expert emphasized that her ex would struggle to identify her now. 

These sentiments were expressed during the latest installment of her television show, 'Moments With Blessing CEO,' where she candidly discussed the challenges of marriage, advocating for leaving toxic relationships rather than enduring them.

She Said, “I married at the age of 18, I divorced at the age of 21. Na man show me shege so I had to repackage myself and change my name from Blessing Nkiruka to Blessing CEO.


“If my ex-husband sees me now, he won’t be able to recognise me. Because that woman he married before is not the woman he is seeing now.”

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