Tinubu Is Not The President Of Nigeria, Prophet Odumeje Vows To Unseat Tinubu From Aso Rock Using One Of His Powers


Renowned clergyman Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere, popularly known as Prophet Odumeje, has declared his intention to address the challenges facing Nigeria, citing economic hardships and the need for justice. In a recent sermon, he emphasized that he will commence his efforts by visiting the Presidential Villa in Abuja, asserting that Bola Ahmed Tinubu is not the president of Nigeria. Prophet Odumeje expressed his determination to spread his message across the nation, starting with his visit to Aso Rock as he vowed to use one of his powers in Aso Rock.

Read Full Statement Below,
“This is time for the Lion himself to address the country, and I am coming to everywhere, we are coming to that Aso Rock, all of us under that Aso Rock together. You must bow, you have no choice.
Listen to me, justice must prevail in Nigeria. And I put it to you, that’s what I used to tell you, there is nothing and I said it Asiwaju Tinubu can’t be president of Nigeria, you are not qualified.
I am not saying that because I hate you, I love you and love everybody but I can never hold the truth. I am a prophet, I am a father to the world. In this generation, Google the word of the Lion, I have never done fake miracle.
I am not talking about Igbo, I am not talking about Hausa, I am not talking about Yoruba. I am talking about how we are going to develop this country. That is my mission.”


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