Woman commits suicide in front of Enugu Police station


A tragic incident has occurred in Enugu state, where an unidentified mother of three young children reportedly took her own life. The woman allegedly ran into a moving vehicle, resulting in her instant death. Reports suggest that her actions were prompted by her husband leaving her and their children due to financial difficulties.

The heartbreaking incident took place in front of Ogui Police Station, Enugu, over the past weekend. It is believed that the woman, who was said to be suffering from depression, dropped her children off at the police station before running naked into the path of the oncoming vehicle.


The eldest of the children, unable to provide further details about their family or address, only mentioned that their father had "got lost." This tragic turn of events has left the children orphaned.

In a response to this heartbreaking situation, the wife of the Enugu State governor, Mrs. Nkechinyere Mbah, has stepped in to offer support. She announced that she would personally sponsor a scholarship for the three siblings, who are all under the age of seven, covering their education from nursery school through to university.


Mrs. Mbah's compassionate gesture came after she visited the children at Ogui Police Station and was deeply moved by their plight. She pledged to care for them and ensure they receive the education they deserve, providing a beacon of hope in the midst of this tragic loss.

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