Joy returns to Ohafia as Church of Satan is being Destroyed

The church of Devil located in Ohafia of Abia state has fallen. The chief apostle and founder of church has been seized and brought away by the federal Government.

A church identified as "The Assemblies of sunshine Bearer Larger Church of Lucifer", popularly known as Church of Devil in Ohafia owned by Mr. ifekwe Udo has been knocked down and vandalized by the youths of neighborhood for the evil it has initiated.

Founder Of Church Of Satan in Ohafia Abia State, Ifekwe Udo Has been apprehended.

It was a factor of pleasure and of great happiness for the indigens of Ohafia all over the world because the founding father of the named church above was arrested by federal government.

Ifekwe Udo, often known as Lucifer or Fada-Fada has a query root concerning his Ohafia nativity. He grew to become common prior to now quarter of the last decade for his seen effort in offering employment opportunities alternatives for the jobless youths of the neighborhood. He gave the jobless youth bikes on rent buy.

He later opened a brothel additionally in Ohafia with allowed unisex.

Ohafia indigineous sons and daughters knew his evil doings but no person can confront him due to his spiritual powers.

He claims to have the ability Devil has. He’s recognized to make use of voodoo energy on his Members.
The entire ohafia is rejoicing now, over his arrest and pleads that he shouldn't be released.

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