We Couldn't Achieve Biafra then Because of Arochukwu people - Kanu Explains

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the indigineous People of Biafra has disclosed to the world that the core reason why Biafra couldn't be achieved then was because of one particular people.
In a video posted on YouTube by Aro Okeigbo Blog, he stated that Biafra failed because the people of Arochukwu became corrupted, he also states that Arochukwu is the Jerusalem of Biafra, where biafrans go to perform pigrimage.
Stating that the reason why Biafra couldn't be achieved was because of the famous slave trade of the Arochukwu people.
In his statement he said,

" Biafra failed because Arochukwu people became corrupted, and involved them selves immensely in slave trade. Arochukwu is where we go to collect power to encounter our oppressors, but at a time they started selling slaves to the white which made the anger of God to be upon us, when we now go to collect power the God's won't answer us again. Even the chief priest was also corrupt." Nnamdi Kanu disclosed.


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