Aro Oke-igbo Youth Congress Donates sanitizers to ndi Aro

A group identified as Aro-Okeigbo Youths Congress was on 31st March, 2020 distributed 5litters of hand sanitizer to eqch of the 19 villages that made up Arochukwu.

This group which aims at connecting with passionate Aro youths and building a new Aro has showed thier love and concern to Nde Aro following the outburst Coronavirus pandemic.

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The distribution of these hand sanitizers signifies that the well being of ndi Aro is among the top priority of Arochukwu Youth Congress.

The sharing of the hand sanitizers is in accodance with one of the preventive measures on how to avoid contacting the virus disclosed by NCDC.

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Kudos to AYC for love shown to ndi Aro!.

See photos below:

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